The Innovation Game (TIG) is a groundbreaking platform that brings together a diverse community of Innovators, Benchmarkers, and Scientists to collaborate, compete, and accelerate the development of cutting-edge computational methods. By fostering an environment of open innovation and incentivizing participation through a unique token-based reward system, TIG is revolutionizing the way we approach algorithmic challenges and scientific discovery.

At the heart of TIG are the innovators, a group of talented individuals including researchers, developers, and code optimizers who work together to create and refine the most advanced algorithms. These innovators contribute their skills and expertise to solve the complex challenges posed by TIG, leveraging the power of collaboration to push the boundaries of what is possible. As they submit their innovative solutions, innovators are rewarded with TIG tokens based on the adoption and performance of their algorithms, creating a meritocratic system that recognizes and encourages excellence.

Benchmarkers play a crucial role in the TIG ecosystem, serving as the miners who validate and secure the network. By competing to solve computational challenges using the methods submitted by Innovators, Benchmarkers not only test the efficiency and effectiveness of these algorithms but also contribute to the robustness and integrity of the platform. The reward structure in TIG incentivizes Benchmarkers to select the most optimal algorithms based on performance, driving a market-based price discovery process that identifies the most promising and innovative solutions.

Scientists are the visionaries and curators of the TIG ecosystem, guiding the direction of research and ensuring that the platform remains at the forefront of computational science. As creators, scientists develop cutting-edge algorithms that expand the intellectual property portfolio of TIG and create value for the entire community. As curators, they identify and propose new challenges that address critical problems in their respective fields, drawing upon their deep understanding of the scientific landscape to select the most impactful and relevant issues. By defining the challenges that drive innovation within TIG, scientists ensure that the platform generates solutions with real-world applications and societal benefits.

By bringing together Innovators, Benchmarkers, and Scientists in a collaborative and competitive environment, TIG is unlocking the full potential of algorithmic innovation. Through the power of coordinated intelligence, this groundbreaking platform is accelerating the pace of scientific discovery, driving technological advancement, and creating solutions that have the power to transform our world. Join the TIG community today and become a part of this exciting journey towards a brighter, more innovative future.


Innovators are the driving force behind the development and refinement of algorithmic solutions to address the platform’s challenges. These individuals, including scientists, researchers, coding enthusiasts and code optimizers, collaborate in an open research and development environment to create and enhance computational methods, accelerating scientific progress and enriching the intellectual property managed by TIG.

– Academic researchers: Professors, postdocs, and grad students in CS, math, physics, and engineering with skills to develop innovative algorithms.

– Research institutions: Skilled researchers at labs, centres, and think tanks using TIG to advance work and collaborate.

– Open-source communities: Members focused on scientific computing or ML, valuing collaboration and sharing, aligning with TIG.

– Students and hobbyists: Aspiring individuals participating in TIG to learn, grow, and showcase skills.

– Technology companies: Employees at software, hardware, or AI companies with expertise to create and optimize methods.

– Independent developers and consultants: Freelancers with algorithm design and optimization experience contributing to TIG.

TIG rewards Innovators for their contributions with tokens, which reflect the value and adoption of their work. As they submit new algorithms or optimized implementations, Innovators earn tokens based on the percentage of solutions found using their submissions by Benchmarkers, who are incentivized to use the most efficient implementations.

The unique reward system in TIG encourages Innovators to strive for significant advancements. The Innovation Game creates a virtuous cycle, where the value of the TIG repository grows with each contribution made by Innovators. As more advanced and efficient algorithms are added, the potential for scientific discovery and real-world application increases, attracting more Innovators, Benchmarkers, and investors to the ecosystem.

To ensure sustainability and fairness, TIG has implemented mechanisms such as making methods available to all Benchmarkers, requiring Innovators to grant exploitation rights to the TIG Foundation, and introducing an “antitrust mechanism” to prevent centralization and maintain a competitive environment.

In summary, Innovators play a vital role in shaping the future of computational problem-solving and scientific discovery within The Innovation Game. By contributing their algorithmic solutions and collaborating with others, they accelerate scientific progress and have the opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts through the platform’s unique token-based system.


Benchmarkers play a crucial role analogous to that of miners in a decentralized ecosystem like Bitcoin. While Bitcoin miners compete to solve complex mathematical problems to validate transactions and earn rewards, Benchmarkers in TIG compete to solve computational challenges using the methods submitted by Innovators. By employing these methods to solve specific instances of the challenges, Benchmarkers validate the effectiveness and efficiency of the algorithms and contribute to the security and integrity of the network.

Benchmarkers are incentivized to select the most efficient algorithms to maximize their rewards, as they compete to solve challenges in the most efficient manner. This selection process creates a market signal that identifies the most promising and innovative algorithms, contributing to the price discovery mechanism within TIG’s synthetic market.

TIG’s reward distribution is designed to maintain the integrity of this market-driven selection process. Benchmarkers receive rewards for securing the network and identifying the best algorithms, while Innovators are rewarded based on the adoption of their methods by Benchmarkers. This structure incentivizes Benchmarkers to select the most efficient algorithms purely based on performance, protecting against manipulation by making it economically unfeasible for Innovators to bribe Benchmarkers to adopt suboptimal algorithms.

The role of Benchmarkers in TIG is critical, as they not only validate and select the most efficient methods but also provide security and drive the market-based price discovery process. By ensuring that the most deserving and innovative contributions are recognized and supported, Benchmarkers help maintain the integrity and efficiency of the entire Innovation Game ecosystem.


Scientists play a pivotal role in advancing computational methods and their real-world applications. They contribute to the platform as both creators and curators, developing innovative algorithms to solve existing challenges and identifying new challenges crucial for scientific progress.

As creators, scientists leverage their expertise to develop cutting-edge computational methods that push the boundaries of what is possible. They collaborate with researchers, developers, and industry professionals to create efficient and effective algorithms that align with current research and have potential for commercial viability. By contributing these methods to TIG, scientists expand the platform’s intellectual property and create value for the entire community.

As curators, scientists guide the direction of research within TIG by identifying and proposing new challenges that address critical problems in their respective fields. They draw upon their deep understanding of the scientific landscape to select intellectually significant problems with practical implications for society. By defining the challenges that drive innovation within TIG, scientists ensure that the platform remains at the forefront of computational science and generates solutions with real-world impact.

The Innovation Game embodies the principles of the “Science Funding Science” movement, advocating for a sustainable and decentralized approach to scientific research funding. By participating in TIG, scientists contribute to a self-sustaining ecosystem where the value created by their research is captured and reinvested into the platform, creating a virtuous cycle of innovation and support.

Scientists who participate in TIG benefit from enhanced visibility and recognition within the scientific community. The platform provides a global stage for showcasing their work and demonstrating its impact to a wide audience. Success within TIG, such as developing a highly efficient algorithm or solving a critical challenge, can lead to increased citations, collaborations, and funding opportunities.

Furthermore, TIG’s unique blend of open collaboration and commercial potential aligns with the growing emphasis on translational research and knowledge exchange. Scientists who contribute to the platform can demonstrate the practical applications of their work and engage in collaborations with industry partners, helping them secure additional funding, establish new research partnerships, and accelerate the translation of their discoveries into real-world solutions.

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